who we are

We are a team of women—which means we listen and get things done.
At our core is storytelling with one shared goal—performance and impact.

We are proven innovative thinkers that create next-generation brands. We craft meaningful stories with purpose through a unique lens. We balance smart, emotional storytelling with witty connections to the shared human, or canine, experience. We love a high heel, but know when to put on running shoes. We never settle—and would never expect you to either. 

Storytelling is our business. Our passion. Our joy.  Our purpose. Impact is our goal. We tell stories that shape culture and reimagine perspectives. 

- Cindy Dickey, Founder of 47North Marketing, and
Executive Consultant T-Mobile®

"Thank you for your talent, your hard work, focus, long hours, and patience for helping T-Mobile cross this huge milestone. I hope to work with you again."

- Karen Bengtson, KB Advertising​

"These 3 women are powerhouses and will give any brand the opportunity to uplift that brand’s image and results. I look forward to working with them on future projects."

- Benny Medina, The Medina Company/Nuyorican Productions

"You keep dropping the magic. I love the story-telling and mixed media use to bring the JLO legacy and history to life."